All that is love is everlasting.

22, City of Angels. I'm Sonny.


Bitches Creepn'




Hanging Lake

Hidden nearly a thousand feet up in the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon sits Hanging Lake, its crystal clear waters brilliantly reflecting the intense blue-green of the sky and trees surrounding. July 18, 2007 in Colorado, USA.


pretty legit swellbow going on here.  thanks for letting me destroy your elbow for 4+ hours, coral!!! and welcome to portland!!

Anonymous said: What's your goal weigh? Your starting weight And Your current weight? Curious cuss I started at 228 and now I'm 188 And our body type looks similar

My goal weight is 130. My current weight is 187. My starting weight was around 230-240. I’m about 5ft 3 in tall lol so that’s a lot of weight for someone my height.

After a weekend of good food with the nieces (pizzanista, thai fried rice, and Orochon ramen) it feels good to eat something healthier 😜


Martynas Šnioka

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